This is one part of the recording process that I have found artists are consistently under-prepared for. Writing melodies, harmonies and learning the words is left to the last minute, sometimes until the day of the session. This has consequences that artists don’t expect. In this weeks video I discuss the issues I come across surrounding backing vocals and the implications during the mixing process. I hope this is helpful with your future productions and makes the recording process more enjoyable! Mixing Engineer Brisbane.


Sam Lowe is a working sound engineer.
Recording, Mixing & Production. Working from Brisbane & Melbourne, Australia as well as remotely around the world.

You can listen to his work and get an insight into my workflow at and Mixing Engineer Brisbane, Mixing Engineer Melbourne

This video has been made in collaboration with Nicholas Di Lorenzo of Panorama Mixing and Mastering and Mike Trubetskov of EOL Studios as part of the Mix Review Crew page

Mixing Engineer Brisbane
Mixing Engineer Melbourne
Recording Engineer Brisbane
Recording Engineer Melbourne